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Hockey Development Resources

Influencing Hockey Sense

Daryl Belfry provides a video blog discussion about developing hockey sense in 8,9 and 10 year olds.

Weiss Tech Hockey

Jeremy Weiss provides many hockey development resources through Weiss Tech Hockey. You can find drills, videos, blogs and other interesting information related to hockey skills development.

Pass the Puck

Resource that provides many different drills. Looking for a new drill based on some face of ice hockey, try here.

Drill Draw

Software tool for creating drill diagrams and preparation of practice plans.

Hockey Share Online

Online hockey coaching platform for drawing drill diagrams, animating drills, creating practice plans.

Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey

This site contains information and drills that Coach Nielsen has learned over the course of my 28 years on the ice. Everything is FREE, if I have a drill I will post it and you can use it.